About Us

Genealogy is the hobby, the art and the science of exploring your family history, finding out who your ancestors were and where your family came from. The Internet has made it faster and easier by allowing many of us to quickly and easily find information about our ancestors, therefore our unique genealogy search engine, shajra.info , comes to your aid.

You can also be a volunteer by assisting us in research of family genealogy. Simply share what you know or ask your family/elders for more. Don’t worry if you don’t have more facts, basic information (Name, Father Name, Status etc.) is enough for Add/Update Family Members. Our community is made of family history fans just like you.

Volunteer NameFather NameVolunteer Type
Atif Fiaz Fayaz Anwar Qureshi Contribution of 252 records
Furqan Arif Arif Mahmood Qureshi Record Provider
Hafiz Muhammad Sajid Siddiqi Muhammad Ijaz Ahmad Siddiqi Contribution of 412 records
Heena Qureshi Javed Qureshi Information Provider
Idris Muhammad Farooqui Faizud DinFarooqui Contribution of 261 records
Mubashir Hameed Qureshi Abdul Hameed Qureshi Contribution of 1106 records
Muhammad Adnan Muhammad Aslam Contribution of 109 records
Muhammad Adnan Sarwar Ahmad Sarwar Qureshi Web Contributor
Muhammad Ali Muhammad Altaf Contribution of 539 records
Muhammad Arshad Qureshi Muhammad Maroof Qureshi Contribution of 496 records
Muhammad Arshad Qureshi Maqsood Hussain Qureshi Contribution of 179 records
Muhammad Bashir ul Haq Sheikh Haji Muhammad Hussain Great Genealogist
Muhammad Hassaan Siddiqui Moeen Ud Din Akhtar Contribution of 1266 records
Muhammad Ijaz Ahmad Siddiqi Manzoor ul Haq Record Verifier
Muhammad Rashid Hashmi Farooq Ahmad Hashmi Web Contributor
Muhammad Riaz Qureshi Muhammad Nazeer Qureshi Record Verifier
Muhammad Rizwan Aslam Muhammad Aslam Hashmi Contribution of 141 records
Muhammad Shahid Ayub Muhammad Ayub Qureshi Record Verifier
Razia Begum Abdul Majeed Qureshi Record Verifier
Salman Mahmood Qureshi Mahmood Ul Hassan Qureshi Contribution of 297 records
Shagufta Shahid Muhammad Bashir Qureshi Information Provider
Syed Mahboob Hussain Qadri Syed Fazal Shah Qadri Information Provider
Syed Wajid Ali Shah Syed Aman Ullah Shah Contribution of 143 records
Talat Mehmood Qureshi Abdul Jabbar Qureshi Contribution of 288 records
Talat Qayyum Qureshi Abdul Qayyum Contribution of 359 records
Umaid Tahir Ahmad Tahir Qureshi Web Contributor
Zahid Javed Qureshi Muhammad Bashir Qureshi Information Provider
Zaighum Haroon Qureshi Muhammad Haroon Qureshi Contribution of 498 records