How to Use

1. Register Account:
[Only Unregistered Visitors] Click on "Create Account" on the right of the login bar. Provide registration information with a valid email ID and click the "Register" button. Check your email ID and click on the Activation link to activate your account. [If no email is found, please check your email account's junk/spam folder and mark it "Not Junk/Spam."]

2. Sign In:
Click on Volunteer Login on the right-top of the page. Write your registered email ID and password and click on "SIGN IN."

3. Construct a New Family Tree:
Write the name of a family member in the "PERSON NAME" box and click on "SAVE." In the appropriate boxes, enter the names of the targeted person's direct relatives [father, mother, son(s), daughter(s)]. Similarly, the remaining relation names [grandparent(s), uncle(s), aunt(s), cousin(s), siblings(s)] can be entered after the relevant relation. Multiple names can be SAVED for each uncle (s), aunt (s), cousin (s), sibling (s), son (s), and/or daughter (s).Please don't write multiple names once in a single box. If you are already working on a family tree and want to start another family tree, click on the NEW SESSION link in the middle of the page or reload the update page. A page refresh after the very first session is required to see the "Recent Sessions" list.

4. Modify or Extend the Approved Family Tree:
Fill in the Member Search box at the top of the page with the member's name, ID, or a portion of the member's name.You can also filter your search by specifying mother or father's name [or part of the name] in the parent name box and grand-father/grand-mother name [or part of the name] in the grandparent name box. To find a list of names that match, use the "SEARCH" button. Click on the SHOW link of the required member name to load the family tree. [Automatically loads the family tree for a single/specific name]

5. Modify/Expand Record(s) of Inprocess Family Tree:
Select the required session from the RECENT SESSIONS list in the middle of the screen to load the inprocess family tree. Records that have been approved or rejected will be removed from the RECENT SESSION list. Click "EDIT" to modify the name of a family member, and click "UPDATE" to post the change. You can also expand your family tree by following the "Create New Family Tree" instructions. You can switch between multiple inprocess family trees and sessions by selecting a specific session from the RECENT SESSIONS list.

6. Include a biography:
You can also provide detailed information [like pictures, date of birth, occupation, sibling order, marital status, life status, name in local language, address, city, country, and description] of each family member. A DETAIL link will appear in the relation box on saving the member's name. Click on DETAIL in the relevant box and input all known information in the Member Information Page.

Your update will NOT appear immediately on the Shajra website. The update will be automatically forwarded to all power users for initial review. On reaching the required number of feedback, the update will be forwarded to the "Verification Department" for authorization. The "Verification Department" approves or rejects records based on power users' feedback and/or with the help of a huge database of pedigree charts. This entire process can take up to 6 days for a final decision. In the event of approval, you will receive a confirmation email and the update will appear on the Shajra website. In the case of rejection, you will be asked to provide documented proof of your update through email. If an email is found in the Junk Mail Folder, mark the Domain as NOT JUNK.The purpose of the approval mechanism is to ensure the authenticity of a record. In case of any difficulty, feel free to contact at