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Kinan | Qainan

Married to Dinah daghter of Barakil son of Mehujael son of Enoch son of Cain son of Adam (Alaihis Salaam). Adam was Living in His life. Approximation: (Lived 910 years [3435-2525 BC], Age 70 years when Malhan,ne/Mahla,il born)
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Paternal Lineage

Father's Side:
Kinan | Qainan Son of Aanoosh | Anwas | Anusha [G:1] Son of Prophet Hazrat Shees | Sheth (Peace Be Upon Him) (علیہ السلام) [G:2] Son of Prophet Hazrat Aadam | Adam (Peace Be Upon Him) (علیہ السلام) [G:3]

Mother's Side:

Kinan | Qainan Son of Naum [G:1]
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