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Shajra (Family Tree)

Shajra also rendered as Shajra Nasab, shajarat, (Arabic/Urdu: شجرہ | Hindi: वंशावली), (synonyms: Ancestry, Pedigree, Genealogy, Lineage, Family Tree, Family Chart, Family Circle) which means Tree of Ancestry. The term "Shajra" comes from the Arabic word شَجَر (Shajar), meaning "a tree" or "a plant." A conventional tree structure is similar to a genealogy or pedigree chart representing family relationships. A Shajra records the ancestors from whom you directly descend and presents family information in the form of an easily readable chart. [click here for all representations]
Shajra is often presented with the oldest generations at the top of the tree and the younger generations at the bottom and the most basic Shajra is made up of family members such as father of father, mother of father, father of mother, mother of mother, father, mother, father's siblings, mother's siblings, siblings, Stepsibling, spouse(s), and children. [click here for all relations]
Preserve and hand down your legacy on our safe, secure, and free-forever genealogy website. It's simple to get started because you don’t need a lot of facts to start your family tree, so enter what you know and keep your tree with us forever for your next generations. You can find your relatives as well as their patrilineage and matrilineage relations using our Advanced Search feature.

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is      The Hobby,      tHE aRT,     and     The Science    of exploring your family history,      finding out who your ancestors were & where your FAMILY came from!

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